Types of Acoustic and Vibration Testing Services

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of acoustic testing protocols and consulting services nationwide and worldwide. Here is a sampling of what is available:

  • Noise measurements in standard decibel ratings (dB-A weighted) – Used for compliance with local, state, and/or federal requirements
  • FIIC / AIIC – Field / Apparent Impact Insulation Class  – Used for measuring the sound transmission of a ceiling/floor structure in commercial spaces, houses, and apartments
  • FSTC / ASTC  – Field / Apparent Sound Transmission Class – Used for measuring the sound transmission of a wall structure in apartments, houses, commercial spaces and condominiums
  • Noise Dosimeter Testing – A simplified sound level meter is attached to an individual in order to assess their noise exposure during a predefined period
  • Noise Surveys – Often required by HUD and other Federal agencies when properties such as houses, apartments and condominiums are located near noise sources like Airports, Train Tracks, Highways and Freeways, Manufacturing Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, and Power Stations noise surveys are timed studies detailing the noise levels for a specific time period
  • Noise Spectrum Analysis – Used for determining what frequencies in the audio band a particular noise is coming from when measured from an adjacent house, apartment, condominium or commercial space
  • Vibration Analysis – Used for tracking down vibration coming from machinery, and sometimes to determine whether a machine assembly is in balance. We can provide both real-time and long-term logging of vibrating structures including FFT analysis.

We are able to offer most ASTM, MSHA, and ISO tests in the acoustic area. Please contact us about your specific requirements for your commercial space, condominium, or apartment.

Contact us at1-800-665-0080 to speak with a consultant today, or email us at: sales@onsiteacoustictesting.com

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