Why choose On-Site for your testing needs?

If you’re reading this, it’s more than likely that you’ve not yet worked with On-Site Acoustic testing for your project.

We know that there are choices in the building acoustics, noise, vibration, and air quality testing arena and we want to help you make an educated decision about what kind of company you’d like to work with.

When you hire On-Site Acoustic Testing to take care of your project, an On-Site Acoustic testing employee will personally conduct your testing, we never outsource field work to other firms.

In fact, the only service that we outsource is the processing of air-quality samples which are collected by our employees and then sent to an ISO certified lab for processing.

We don’t sell any acoustical treatment products or provide any installation of materials, so you can be sure that our recommendations (or test results) are never subject to any bias or ulterior motives.

When comparing our services to other companies, make sure that the services really are similar.

Verify that other companies use high quality testing equipment (if they even specify what equipment will be used in their proposal), make sure that they will provide you with a testing plan that describes the work to be conducted (including how many areas/employees/etc. will be tested), along with the ASTM or ISO standards that will be followed.

We utilize some of the highest quality equipment that can be purchased from world class companies such as Bruel & Kjaer, NTI, Larson Davis, Casella North America, Convergence Instruments, and Lookline SPA, and all employees are both in-house and manufacturer trained on the equipment they use.

We provide precise, repeatable, and reliable testing along with practical problem solving solutions.

On-Site Acoustic Testing stands ready to assist you with your project, from inception to completion.

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