Vibration – Vibration testing services in the workplace

Much has been written recently about repetitive stress injuries. Typically, existing studies have focused on the kinds of repetitive stress injuries that workers sustain at the computer keyboard, or sustain from injurious activities such as sitting in an office chair for years at a time! There is another side of these injuries that is becoming more fully recognized, and that is the deleterious effects of excessive vibration.

Workers who are exposed to high levels of vibration can suffer from many of the same kinds of injuries such as vascular damage (VWF – vibration white finger) and Raynaud’s Disease as well as other changes that may manifest in the tendons, muscles, or bones.

Tragically, while many of these injuries can take months or years to resolve, many if not most of them were (are) preventable with proper attention being given to instituting anti-vibration measures in the workplace.

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The first step to preventing these injuries is in rooting out areas in the workplace where workers are subject to high levels of vibration. Sometimes this vibration is an unavoidable by-product of the equipment (for example – jackhammers and other pneumatic-impact devices) but often vibration is a sign that machines, or parts of machines such as bearings or driveshafts may be worn, out of balance, or otherwise defective.

We offer both real-time traditional and FFT measurement of vibration, as well as long-term multi-axis vibration logging services.

On-Site Acoustic Testing has the equipment and know-how to ascertain the operational health of your equipment, and help your company set safe limits for the vibrational exposure of your employees.