Conflicts of Interest – Consultants that ALSO sell materials and installation services

Almost every week, we hear from prospective clients who are looking for a second opinion of a report (and accompanying bill of materials and installation) they they have received from an acoustical, vibrational, or air quality testing firm or consultant.

Often they are both perplexed and upset by the financial burden that adherence to the report/materials list will cause.

In our opinion, consultants and testing agencies should NEVER be in the business of selling (and/or installing) materials for the following reasons:

1. Consultants should never be in a position where recommending materials adds to the bill. Recommendations for remediation should be based upon facts, rather than added profit.

2. Consultants should always be free to represent the best solution, not the one that is sold or distributed by the consultant.

3. Consultants who have a stake in the effectiveness for materials sold into a project have a conflict of interest between unbiased results and proving that their solutions worked.

4. Consultants (testing firms, and worse yet, material distributors) who sell materials have been known to conduct testing as an afterthought (with substandard tools and methods)

On-Site Acoustic Testing does not sell any products, materials or installation services, nor do we take payment of any kind from materials or vendors that we may recommend as part of our project recommendations.


If you would like a second (or first) opinion regarding your project you can contact us using the convenient form below:

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