Q. Can On-Site Acoustic Testing provide testing of my SCIF or SAPF secure area?

A. We provide testing of SCIF and SAPF areas nationwide and world-wide.

Q. Can you provide ASTC (sound transmission class) and/or AIIC (impact insulation class) testing at my location?

A. Yes, we perform ASTC and AIIC testing nationwide (sometimes worldwide).

Q. Can you provide ASTM or ISO compliant noise, vibration and sound level testing?

A. We provide noise, vibration, and sound level testing to ASTM, ISO, and other worldwide standards.

Q. Do you really offer nationwide and worldwide service?

A. We have technicians located across the United States and service the entire country (and worldwide destinations).

Q. Can you offer multi-channel noise and vibration analysis for aerospace, military, and other mission-critical applications?

A. We can provide customized testing protocols for the most intricate and involved projects.

Q. Can you measure the noise that my annoying neighbors make at 3 AM?

A. We can install logging noise and vibration level meters that take continuous readings for weeks at a time.

Q. Do you offer any special services for condominiums, apartment buildings, and hotels?

A. We have programs designed to measure, analyze, and minimize noise issues in multiple occupancy buildings.

Q. I’m an architect, and I’m concerned that my design might not meet IBC (or other standards). Can you estimate the expected IIC and STC of my floor, ceiling, or wall assembly?

A. We can model many assemblies in software and often get results that are within 1 or 2 dB from subsequent field testing.

Q. I already know that my factory floor has a noise problem in certain areas because the OSHA inspector cited us for a violation. Can you help us set-up a hearing conservation program?

A. We conduct noise dosimetric testing and noise surveys to identify problem areas within your facility and provide advice on hearing conservation program design.

Q. Do you provide hearing tests (audiometric testing)?

A. We do not offer hearing tests.

Q. Can you come to my house and take measurements for a couple of hundred dollars?

A. No, but we do offer a lower-cost remote testing protocol that might be just perfect for your needs.

Our remote testing services start at $1,000 for small projects.

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