Speech Intelligibility Testing – STI and CIS

On-Site Acoustic Testing conducts speech intelligibility testing for a variety of purposes including:

  • Proof of unintelligible speech index scores (CIS) in secure areas such as SCIF and SAPF areas (privacy applications)
  • Proof of effectiveness of white noise systems for noise masking systems in secure areas such as SCIF and SAPF areas (privacy applications)
  • Verification of speech intelligibility for evacuation systems (fire and emergency) both indoor and outdoor
  • Verification of speech intelligibility for conference rooms, classrooms, and auditoriums

Speech intelligibility may be reported using two alternative measurement scales which are:

  • CIS (Common Intelligibility Scale) – which is used for government and military applications
  • STI (Speech Transmission Index) – which is used for most other applications

Both methods of speech intelligibility testing involve using pre-recorded sounds which are then amplified and measured within the room, or in adjacent spaces (for privacy applications).

We utilize industry standard equipment from Liechtenstein-based manufacturer NTI to conduct this testing.

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