Elevator and escalator ride quality testing – ISO 18738…

Whether you are an installer or the end user, independent third party testing ensures that you are privy to the most accurate and unbiased information regarding the performance of your elevator or escalator. We utilize the industry standard PMT EVA-625 triaxial elevator and escalator ride quality monitoring system with the most recent firmware and analysis software. The PMT EVA-625 (ours is fitted with the optional USB storage option) affords us the opportunity to potentially test multiple elevator banks during a single site visit. Although several different measurement standards are supported, we find that most of our clients prefer the unit be set to deliver results consistent with the specifications set forth in ISO 18738 Measurement of Ride Quality: Part 1 Lifts (elevators).

Within these standards, there are multiple data sets that may be acquired during the testing process and careful analysis of theses results will help to pinpoint trouble spots with ride quality as well as assist facilities managers with keeping track of trends in equipment condition. We can provide you with the relevant data set for your consultant to analyse, or we can provide turnkey analysis services helping you pinpoint performance problems.

Additionally, we provide other related services such as vibration testing of elevator hoist units,  FFT analysis of motors and other moving elements, as well as a detailed spectral analysis of in-cab performance (which is surprisingly important in the subjective assessment of elevator and escalator ride quality). This data can then be used to make targeted improvements to both moving components and in-cab elements.

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