Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality is one of those things that people just don’t spend very much time thinking about…at least until their family or employees start getting sick. While there is more awareness in the manufacturing/industrial world, it’s our opinion that there is still a lack of awareness concerning this important issue. That said, the problems are many times magnified when talking about multi-unit dwellings!

On-Site Acoustic testing can provide indoor air quality testing services for the following agents (and to ASTM/ISO/ANSI standards)

Temperature Humidity Carbon Dioxide Carbon Monoxide Mold and other bacteria Particulate Matter and other dust Pharmaceutical agents Organic . . . → Read More: Indoor Air Quality Testing

FSTC / ASTC Field Sound Transmission Class testing services / Apparent Sound Transmission Class – ASTM E336 – 14

FSTC (ASTC) Testing Services –Field / Apparent Sound Transmission Class Tests

FSTC (ASTC), or as it’s formally known Field / Apparent Sound Transmission Class is a double digit number that refers to the sound transmission properties of a wall structure. It may also be applied to measure the sound transmission properties of a window or door unit. Virtually all states and municipalities have set guidelines for the minimum FSTC / ASTC test rating that a building may have, and it’s a vital part of the International Building Code. It’s not at all uncommon to find well-above-minimum FSTC / ASTC test . . . → Read More: FSTC / ASTC Field Sound Transmission Class testing services / Apparent Sound Transmission Class – ASTM E336 – 14

Before you purchase that new house or condominium…

Over the past 20 years, it’s been increasingly common for home buyers to enlist the services of a home inspector. In fact, many banks make home inspection a precondition that must be met as a part of the loan process! All of the major mechanical systems of the home or condominium should be inspected for quality and functionality, and the overall “fitness” of the building should be assessed. Even if you are just considering renting an apartment for a yearly lease, you should give consideration to having that apartment tested for both noise transmission and ambient noise within the space…if . . . → Read More: Before you purchase that new house or condominium…

ISO 4871 – Noise Emission Values of Machinery

If you are a manufacturer producing items for export to the EU and/or the middle east, chances are you will need to have your equipment tested to ISO 4871 standards. The 4781 standard is the noise declaration that a manufacturer must include with certain devices, in order to warn users what the noise output of the device will be during usage. Specific guidelines have been set which allow for the determination of the statistical validity (or stated another way, uncertainty) of the measurements, based upon number of samples tested and the accuracy of the testing equipment.

ISO 4871 directly references . . . → Read More: ISO 4871 – Noise Emission Values of Machinery

Acoustic Testing for Schools

Acoustic testing and noise abatement for schools of all kinds! . . . → Read More: Acoustic Testing for Schools

OSHA Hearing Conservation Programs

If you are the individual in your company that is responsible for ensuring compliance with OSHA’s regulations, you already understand the importance of having your employees hearing regularly checked, and dutifully documented. You’re also aware that there are many options when it comes to having annual (or biannual) hearing tests for your employees.

On-Site Acoustic Testing can provide hearing tests for your employees, and help you set up a hearing conservation program, according to OSHA guidelines, if you’re not yet fully up to speed. On the other hand, if you already have a hearing conservation program in place, and have . . . → Read More: OSHA Hearing Conservation Programs

Just how “on-site” are we?

We regularly work with clients to provide acoustic testing, sound level testing, noise monitoring, employee dosimeter test protocol, STC, IIC, vibration, air quality, and light intensity tests according to ASTM, ISO, and other standards, in the following places:

Alabama: AL Alaska: AK Arizona: AZ Arkansas: AR California: CA Colorado: CO Connecticut: CT Delaware: DE Florida: FL Georgia: GA Hawaii: HI Idaho: ID Illinois: IL Indiana: IN Iowa: IA Kansas: KS Kentucky: KY Louisiana: LA Maine: ME Maryland: MD Massachusetts: MA Michigan: MI Minnesota: MN Mississippi: MS Missouri: MO Montana: MT Nebraska: NE Nevada: NV New Hampshire: NH New Jersey: NJ . . . → Read More: Just how “on-site” are we?

Soundproofing FAQ

Every time we hear the word “soundproofing” we have to take a moment to step back and think about what people actually mean when they say it. . As with most things in life, soundproofing is one of those nebulous terms that can mean different things to different people. Perhaps most appropriately, soundproofing has a different level of meaning (and urgency) to the party that is creating the noise than to the party being disturbed by it!

Additionally, soundproofing a building (be it commercial, industrial, or residential) is subject to the law of diminishing returns. There is a theoretical point . . . → Read More: Soundproofing FAQ

What kinds of things can we measure for you?

We measure all kinds of noise, sound, and vibration levels for clients in all manner of industries, situations, and locations throughout the United States. We regularly consult with clients to solve their problems with:

Adjacent apartment noise Air conditioning and heating noise Air handler (and general HVAC) noise Aircraft noise Animal and pet noise Automobile noise Automotive repair shop noise Bearing and other rotating assembly noise Bus, truck, trolley noise Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple and other house of worship noise Club and discotheque noise Concert Hall acoustics Construction noise Condominium and Co-op apartment noise Dance club noise Elevator and elevator . . . → Read More: What kinds of things can we measure for you?

Are you our kind of client?

Do you have an acoustics or noise control related issue in your office, factory, retail store, church, mosque, synagogue, performance space, studio, listening room, inn, hotel, motel, or home?

Well then, simply put, you’re our kind of client!

All kidding aside, we work with architects, business owners, site managers, city/state officials as well as homeowners assisting them in creating acoustically ideal spaces for their employees, guests, and families. We look forward to talking with you about your specific product. Feel free to call us at 1-888-445-2666 (toll free) for a complimentary phone consultation concerning your specific project.

We work with . . . → Read More: Are you our kind of client?