Before you purchase that new house or condominium…

Over the past 20 years, it’s been increasingly common for home buyers to enlist the services of a home inspector. In fact, many banks make home inspection a precondition that must be met as a part of the loan process! All of the major mechanical systems of the home or condominium should be inspected for quality and functionality, and the overall “fitness” of the building should be assessed. Even if you are just considering renting an apartment for a yearly lease, you should give consideration to having that apartment tested for both noise transmission and ambient noise within the space…if your sleep and overall well-being is important to you!

Interestingly, little or no thought is given to issues relating to noise and vibration pollution, in addition to indoor air quality. All structures will have some degree of noise transmission from the inside of the house to the world outside, and more importantly, from the world outside to the living spaces inside! Additionally, mechanical systems such as heating/cooling, and plumbing, within the house can have a surprising sonic footprint when they’re in operation.

As in many other aspects of life, the best time to ensure that your property is built with attention to noise and noise pollution issues, is BEFORE the structure is built. When we work in conjunction with your architect or general contractor, we’re able to provide the most value for your investment and provide the highest performance with the least visual intrusion.

Of course, it’s not always possible to be involved in the genesis of a building project, and most people prefer to purchase a dwelling that has already been built. That’s where we come in! We can evaluate the current noise levels and spectrum, point out to you any deficiencies that the structure may have, and give you a ballpark (or detailed) description of how the noise issues can be corrected.

Numerous studies have found links between noise exposure and stress related physical and emotional ailments, noise, vibration and indoor air quality issues can be more than just a petty irritant!

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