FIIC / AIIC – Field Impact Insulation Class Testing Services / Apparent Impact Insulation Class E1007 – 14

Field Impact Insulation Class (now known as Apparent Impact Insulation Class) measures a floor/ceiling assembly’s resistance to the transmission of structure-borne or impact noise. Virtually all states and municipalities have set guidelines for the minimum FIIC (AIIC) test rating that a building may have, and it’s not at all uncommon to find minimum FIIC (AIIC) ratings inserted into requests for proposals from architects and other designers.

Performing an FIIC (AIIC) test requires a specialized piece of equipment called a floor tapper. This machine can be likened to an internal combustion engine that features exposed pistons which are mounted in a manner in which they strike the floor in a repetitive sequence. The specifications for this machine are contained in the ISO 140 and ASTM E 413,  E 492 and E 1007 – 14 specifications. This machine generates a controlled amount of impact noise which is then measured in the room below the room in which the tapping machine is operated.

On-Site Acoustic testing utilizes the Bruel & Kjaer Type 3207 Tapping Machine in conjunction with a Bruel & Kjaer 2260 and 2270  sound level/analyzer meters running the most recent Building Acoustics software.

We are able to provide commercial and residential tenants, building managers, architects, contractors, insurance companies, and governmental agencies FIIC (AIIC) ratings for any building. Call us today to talk about your impact sound problem, whether it involves air handling equipment or upstairs neighbors that tap dance even whilst asleep!

On-Site Acoustic Testing provides FIIC (AIIC) Testing services in all parts of the United States according to ASTM guidelines, and tests through much of the rest of the world to ISO standards.

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