ISO 4871 – Noise Emission Values of Machinery

If you are a manufacturer producing items for export to the EU and/or the middle east, chances are you will need to have your equipment tested to ISO 4871 standards. The 4781 standard is the noise declaration that a manufacturer must include with certain devices, in order to warn users what the noise output of the device will be during usage. Specific guidelines have been set which allow for the determination of the statistical validity (or stated another way, uncertainty) of the measurements, based upon number of samples tested and the accuracy of the testing equipment.

ISO 4871 directly references ISO 3740 which lays out the standard protocol for the measurement of noise emission. Additionally, ISO 7574 is referenced which gives the proper procedures for the verification of the sampling procedure utilized for the measurement and analysis.

On-Site Acoustic Testing will provide your organization with the testing required for including valid Noise Declarations with your equipment. Whether it be equipment destined for export, in-situ measurement at the end user’s location, or measurements to be conducted at our location, we will be pleased to provide you with a prompt quotation for the services you require.

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