Fitness Center Noise and Vibration Issues in Condominiums and Apartments

Everyone wants to stay healthy and what could be more convenient than an on-sites fitness center or gym?

Let’s face it. Access to a gym that is a short walk (or elevator ride) is a major plus for many people when they are making a decision about renting an apartment or buying a condominium.

That said, there are some major issues that seem to crop up time and time again when combining fitness centers, gyms, and dojos with residential communities when it comes to noise and vibration. The plain truth is that most buildings are simply not engineered to contain high level noises (from fitness coaches, sound systems, and people working out, nor are they able to prevent the vibrations when happen when weights are dropped, treadmills are used, or any other number of activities are performed.

These noises and vibrations transfer to nearby (and some not-so-nearby) apartments, event spaces, and other co-located business always resulting in angry owners and tenants, and often ending up with both parties in litigation.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Proper planning in the design stage of a building is always best, but unfortunately uncommon. A more realistic goal is a full design review of the build out plans, prior to the building of the fitness facility/gym and the installation of equipment. Floating floors, isolation mats, sound system design, and traditional building materials can all be leveraged to contain noise and vibration before it transfers to adjacent spaces.

Often, no consideration is made to these issues prior to the roll-out of the gym or fitness center, and the challenge is in allowing all parties to co-exist peacefully!

We can provide the required testing (Building Acoustics – ASTC, AIIC, and OITC) along with vibrational analysis, to develop a plan to allow for successful remediation.

On-Site Acoustic Testing does not sell (nor profit from in any way) acoustical materials or installation, so you can have faith that our only interest is in rectifying the situation for all parties involved.

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