Light Quality Testing

Great lighting makes any room look better…that’s something that you probably would expect to hear from an interior decorator, but the truth is that proper lighting is essential for any and every workplace, restaurant, or retail establishment.

On-Site Acoustic Testing can provide lighting surveys (in LUX or Footcandles) to determine whether your lighting is suitable for the area and purpose.

We also provide ultraviolet light (UVA, UVB, and UVC) testing (commonly found in printing and other production environments).

The following table illustrates acceptable minimum levels of lighting (in LUX) in different areas:

Recommended Lux Levels by Area

Area Nominal Illumination Level in
Lumens/Square Meter (lux)
Office Space
Normal work station space, open or closed offices1 500
ADP Areas 500
Conference Rooms 300
Training Rooms 500
Internal Corridors 200
Auditoria 150-200
Public Areas
Entrance Lobbies, Atria 200
Elevator Lobbies, Public Corridors 200
Ped. Tunnels and Bridges 200
Stairwells 200
Support Spaces
Toilets 200
Staff Locker Rooms 200
Storage Rooms, Janitors’ Closets 200
Electrical Rooms, Generator Rooms 200
Mechanical Rooms 200
Communications Rooms 200
Maintenance Shops 200
Loading Docks 200
Trash Rooms 200
Specialty Areas
Dining Areas 150-200
Kitchens 500
Outleased Space 500
Physical Fitness Space 500
Child Care Centers 500
Structured Parking, General Space 50
Structured Parking, Intersections 100
Structured Parking, Entrances 500

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