Mechanical Equipment – Noise and Vibration Assessments for Condominiums and Apartments

Whether the equipment is on the roof, in the basement, or next to the building we can provide accurate and repeatable measurements to determine whether the equipment is compliant with local noise standards (and manufacturer’s specifications). We can even provide measurements (and sound recordings) of equipment located at other buildings!

Roof mounted equipment is especially troublesome, introducing noise and vibration into top floor resident’s living spaces. Especially as equipment with rotating elements (like HVAC equipment and all pumps) ages, it’s not unusual for bearings and other assemblies to wear out, introducing significant noise and vibration as a result.

We can document these changes, and provide expert guidance on the serviceability of the equipment (from an acoustical and vibrational standpoint) so that HOA’s and building management can make informed decisions regarding equipment replacement and repair.

Since we do not sell any products, materials, nor installation services, your organization can be sure that we are providing information for your benefit, not ours!

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