Noise Complaints in Apartments, Condominiums, Commercial and Residential Neighborhoods

If there is one thing that is for certain, it’s that anytime you put a bunch of people together in one place (even a rural place) there are sure to be noise complaints!

It can seem to be an impossible task to determine who is at fault (a noisy neighbor or an oversensitive busybody, for example) but the truth is that it’s often a rather simple process to determine what is what…when you have the right combination of know-how and equipment.

That’s where we come in!

Using a combination of spot-testing (by a trained technician) and logged (time-based recording averaging a week) we are able to measure noise (and vibration) levels continuously to determine, when noise is occurring at what levels, and in which areas.

Typically we provide measurements in A-weighting, slow-response (which is what most community noise ordinances require) but we can also provide C-weighting, fast-response (as used in New York City, for example).

Small, unobtrusive monitors run continuously for a week-long period, taking measurements every second in order to provide a crystal clear picture of the noise levels inside or outside any building. All measurements are time-stamped, and we provide a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of every measurement taken. That’s a total of 604,800 measurements!!

We can also provide vibration measurement equipment that will measure vibration once per second for a week as well.

While we’re on the subject, we have indoor/outdoor audio recordings that will provide a perfect digital recording for a whole week. This makes it very easy to listen to the recordings to determine whether the noise source was a motorcycle racing down the street or a neighbor’s screaming in-laws!

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