Noise Dosimetry Testing Services – OSHA Personal Exposure Levels (time weighted average)

Whether it comes by way of your insurance company, a client’s request for an audit, ISO certification, or the long arm of OSHA and/or MSHA, at some point your company is likely going to need to provide documented evidence of the noise levels to which your employees are exposed to during their working day. Simply taking noise level measurements in the area where workplace activities are in process is not enough. Those readings can easily give you levels that are too high, or worse yet, too low! The only way to properly gauge the exposure to noise and sound that your workers are actually exposed to is through noise dosimetry.

Personal noise dosimeters are simply noise level meters that are designed to be worn by workers during their shifts. Best practices for the collection of this information will require that an employee wear the noise dosimeter for the entire duration of their shift…and it’s crucial (for the sake of accuracy) that the period of testing actually reflects their normal working day! Even if it’s not possible (for what ever reason) to take measurements for the entire duration of their working shift (or in the case that their working shift is longer or shorter than the 8 hours that OSHA and/or MSHA mandates) it’s possible to extrapolate the likely average level to which they are exposed to. This measurement is called the TWA, or time weighted average. Simply put, it’s a calculated number that is based on the noise level that they are exposed to during the measurement period…shortened or lengthened to meet the criteria for an eight hour period.

We use a few different dosimeter models, depending upon the particular application.

We have units that are safe for combustible areas (intrinsically safe) as well as units that are lightweight and non-invasive. It’s all dependent on your application, and requirements. Our most advanced noise dosimeters allow us to provide you with such metrics as: time weighted average, peak levels, minimum levels, and number of peak events. We are able to deliver to you detailed information in spreadsheet and graphic formats that detail the average (and/or peak) noise levels to which your employees are exposed to on a minute by minute basis.

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OSHA noise consulting

In today’s regulatory environment, if you aren’t testing your workspaces (and employees) for noise exposure you are putting your company at risk. On-Site Acoustic Testing is here to support your organization by providing you with qualified OSHA noise consultants who will provide you with an accurate assessment of your sound levels.

Our team members will perform measurements in your workspace and also initiate dosimetric (dosimeters are sound level meters that are worn during the working shift by your employees) testing to determine the time-weighted average (TWA) of noise that your employees are actually exposed to while they are performing their daily activities.

We will work with you to analyze the results of the testing, determine which (if any) employees are potentially at risk, and then help you implement a program for hearing protection devices. We will also help you implement a hearing conservation program at your organization. Our OSHA noise consultants are familiar with the myriad of OSHA (MSHA as well) regulations, and the ASTM and ANSI standards they are based upon.

On-Site Acoustic Testing will assist your company in maintaining a safe and productive workspace. Contact us today to speak directly with us about OSHA related noise measurement services.

We provide services nationwide, and emergency “rush” services are available.

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We solve nightclub, bar, or restaurant noise related issues!

We all know that music and night life are truly tied together at the hip. Getting (and keeping) your patrons in just the right mood is great for business, and crucial in making your place the place to be. That said, there is a fine line between sound levels that are enjoyable and exciting, and those that are uncomfortable, or worse yet, unsafe! At On-Site Acoustic Testing, we will assess your current sound (both ambient and music) levels, and craft a compelling (but safe) soundscape for your patrons. Essential, as well, is making sure that your front-line staff are safe while performing their daily and nightly duties. As is well known, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) has placed limits on the total noise exposure that employees may absorb during their working day (or night). Violating these regulations is bad for employee’s short and long term health, as well as their job performance! Additionally, it could open up troublesome and expensive worker’s compensation claims. Knowing the limits (and where your establishment falls) BEFORE problems emerge, is the only way to go.

We will measure all front and back of house areas, and calibrate your sound systems for you. We can also help craft a spectral sound balance that lets people enjoy and feel the music, while still making conversation possible.

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Marine Noise, Vibration, and Air Quality Testing

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide noise and vibration testing aboard marine vessels of all kinds. Whether your concern is sound propagation from engine rooms to passenger cabins, vibration levels aboard oil and gas exploration ships, or indoor air quality testing in engine rooms, machinery areas, and cargo holds, we get the job done! Our experienced field technicians are able to provide testing to ISO, ASTM and IMO specifications aboard your ship, fixed, or movable marine installation. We also offer noise transmission testing (ASTC, NIC, AIIC) aboard vessels of all sizes and types. Contact us today to discuss your project!

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Elevator and escalator ride quality testing – ISO 18738…

Whether you are an installer or the end user, independent third party testing ensures that you are privy to the most accurate and unbiased information regarding the performance of your elevator or escalator. We utilize the industry standard PMT EVA-625 triaxial elevator and escalator ride quality monitoring system with the most recent firmware and analysis software. The PMT EVA-625 (ours is fitted with the optional USB storage option) affords us the opportunity to potentially test multiple elevator banks during a single site visit. Although several different measurement standards are supported, we find that most of our clients prefer the unit be set to deliver results consistent with the specifications set forth in ISO 18738 Measurement of Ride Quality: Part 1 Lifts (elevators).

Within these standards, there are multiple data sets that may be acquired during the testing process and careful analysis of theses results will help to pinpoint trouble spots with ride quality as well as assist facilities managers with keeping track of trends in equipment condition. We can provide you with the relevant data set for your consultant to analyse, or we can provide turnkey analysis services helping you pinpoint performance problems.

Additionally, we provide other related services such as vibration testing of elevator hoist units,  FFT analysis of motors and other moving elements, as well as a detailed spectral analysis of in-cab performance (which is surprisingly important in the subjective assessment of elevator and escalator ride quality). This data can then be used to make targeted improvements to both moving components and in-cab elements.

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Factory Noise Testing – Noise, Vibration, and Air Quality tests in factories of all types!


Whatever your product, whatever your industry On-Site Acoustic Testing is here to provide testing to make sure that your employees and partners are safe! When it comes to noise, vibration and air quality concerns, there is no room for error or uncertainty. This is why we use high precision instruments to survey noise and air quality conditions in your facility, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions when it comes to industrial hygiene. The effects of high decibel sounds are well documented, with well known effects such as hearing loss and tinnitus among the known ill-effects. Even if sound levels are below the thresholds that OSHA and other agencies specify, noise pollution can adversely effect productivity as well as employee morale.

Excessive vibration is tough on workers, often a contributing factor to shorter than expected tool and motor life, as well as a prime factor in out of specification products. We can perform FFT and other kinds of vibration testing (including triple axis vibration testing) in order to determine specific levels of vibration and track down their root causes.

The detrimental effects of air pollution can be even more insidious, ranging from minor irritations of the sinuses to much more serious conditions including various cancers and other potentially fatal illnesses. We can test for the presence of hundreds of compounds including metals, gasses, generalized particulate matter and other airborne contaminants.

Contact us today to schedule testing in your facility.

At On-Site Acoustic Testing we provide noise and air quality testing in factories of all kinds including:

  • Aerospace factories
  • Agricultural products factory
  • Airplane parts factory
  • Automobile factories
  • Automobile parts factory
  • Alcohol products factory
  • Alternative energy products factory
  • Architectural shingle factory
  • Beer, wine, and liquor factories
  • Baking factory
  • Boating and marine products factory
  • Ball bearing factory
  • Building products factories
  • Brake pad, disc, and rotor factories
  • Brick and block factories
  • Cable and wire factories
  • Casino products factory
  • Chair and stool manufacturing facilities
  • Cardboard and other paper products factories
  • Clay and other mineral processing factories
  • Chemical factories
  • Cloth factories
  • Clothing factories
  • Chain factories
  • Computer factory
  • Computer peripheral factories
  • Construction equipment facilities
  • Coal mining equipment factories
  • Dairy product factories
  • Defense industries factories
  • Defense products factory
  • Defense electronics factory
  • Dental products factory
  • Drug and pharmaceutical factories
  • Electronic products factories
  • Electric utilities production facilities
  • Electrical engineering parts factories
  • Entertainment products factories
  • Election and ballot machine factories
  • Environmental products factory
  • Farm and farming products factories
  • Film and coating manufacturing facilities
  • Food and beverage factories
  • Forestry product factory
  • Gasoline and oil product factories
  • Gun and weapon factories
  • General engineering factories
  • Genetic research factories
  • Grass seed factories
  • Health product factories
  • Hotel and motel supply factories
  • Holiday products factories
  • Industrial products factories
  • Interior design products factories
  • International production facilities
  • Janitorial supply factory
  • Liquor production facilities
  • Livestock processing factory
  • Logging and timber processing plant facilities
  • Marine goods factories
  • Mining machinery factory
  • Nutritional supplement factory
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Pharmaceutical factories
  • Poultry processing factory
  • Printing factory
  • Postage metering facility
  • Pipeline production and fabrication facility
  • Railroad equipment factory
  • Record production factories
  • Recycling processing plant
  • Sporting goods factory
  • Steel processing factory
  • Steel production facilities
  • Telecommunication equipment factory
  • Tobacco processing factory
  • Trash collection facility
  • Vegetable processing plant
  • Waste management facility

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Industrial Noise Testing Services

Wherever your company is located, whatever market segment your organization services, if you manufacturing, distributing, or even retailing goods OSHA (and other governing bodies concerned with health and safety) regulations mean that the hearing of your employees must be safeguarded. We provide testing, noise abatement  and noise mitigation services to businesses in the following categories:

  • Aerospace
  • Airline
  • Agricultural and farm
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Broadcasting
  • Building
  • Casino
  • Chemical
  • Computer and information technology
  • Construction
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer product
  • Dental
  • Drug
  • Education and training
  • Energy exploration and extraction
  • Fabrication (metal, woodworking, and plastic)
  • Food preparation
  • Gaming
  • Garment
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance adjusting and claims
  • Legal industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Motion picture and movie
  • Mining
  • Nautical
  • Occupational health
  • Paper and pulp
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Petroleum extraction and refining
  • Power generation
  • Plastics
  • Printing industry
  • Railroad
  • Recording
  • Resort
  • Security
  • Shipping
  • Sporting
  • Telecommunication
  • Textile
  • Transportation and Trucking
  • Utilities (coal, gas, electric, wind, solar, and nuclear)

We will provide your organization with the services, support, and test protocol you require, to ASTM, ISO, DIN, NF, JIS, and/or other required standards in order to assure optimum health and safety for your employees.
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Vibration – Vibration testing services in the workplace

Much has been written recently about repetitive stress injuries. Typically, existing studies have focused on the kinds of repetitive stress injuries that workers sustain at the computer keyboard, or sustain from injurious activities such as sitting in an office chair for years at a time! There is another side of these injuries that is becoming more fully recognized, and that is the deleterious effects of excessive vibration.

Workers who are exposed to high levels of vibration can suffer from many of the same kinds of injuries such as vascular damage (VWF – vibration white finger) and Raynaud’s Disease as well as other changes that may manifest in the tendons, muscles, or bones.

Tragically, while many of these injuries can take months or years to resolve, many if not most of them were (are) preventable with proper attention being given to instituting anti-vibration measures in the workplace.

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The first step to preventing these injuries is in rooting out areas in the workplace where workers are subject to high levels of vibration. Sometimes this vibration is an unavoidable by-product of the equipment (for example – jackhammers and other pneumatic-impact devices) but often vibration is a sign that machines, or parts of machines such as bearings or driveshafts may be worn, out of balance, or otherwise defective.

We offer both real-time traditional and FFT measurement of vibration, as well as long-term multi-axis vibration logging services.

On-Site Acoustic Testing has the equipment and know-how to ascertain the operational health of your equipment, and help your company set safe limits for the vibrational exposure of your employees.

FIIC / AIIC – Field Impact Insulation Class Testing Services / Apparent Impact Insulation Class E1007 – 14

Field Impact Insulation Class (now known as Apparent Impact Insulation Class) measures a floor/ceiling assembly’s resistance to the transmission of structure-borne or impact noise. Virtually all states and municipalities have set guidelines for the minimum FIIC (AIIC) test rating that a building may have, and it’s not at all uncommon to find minimum FIIC (AIIC) ratings inserted into requests for proposals from architects and other designers.

Performing an FIIC (AIIC) test requires a specialized piece of equipment called a floor tapper. This machine can be likened to an internal combustion engine that features exposed pistons which are mounted in a manner in which they strike the floor in a repetitive sequence. The specifications for this machine are contained in the ISO 140 and ASTM E 413,  E 492 and E 1007 – 14 specifications. This machine generates a controlled amount of impact noise which is then measured in the room below the room in which the tapping machine is operated.

On-Site Acoustic testing utilizes the Bruel & Kjaer Type 3207 Tapping Machine in conjunction with a Bruel & Kjaer 2260 and 2270  sound level/analyzer meters running the most recent Building Acoustics software.

We are able to provide commercial and residential tenants, building managers, architects, contractors, insurance companies, and governmental agencies FIIC (AIIC) ratings for any building. Call us today to talk about your impact sound problem, whether it involves air handling equipment or upstairs neighbors that tap dance even whilst asleep!

On-Site Acoustic Testing provides FIIC (AIIC) Testing services in all parts of the United States according to ASTM guidelines, and tests through much of the rest of the world to ISO standards.

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