We solve nightclub, bar, or restaurant noise related issues!

We all know that music and night life are truly tied together at the hip. Getting (and keeping) your patrons in just the right mood is great for business, and crucial in making your place the place to be. That said, there is a fine line between sound levels that are enjoyable and exciting, and those that are uncomfortable, or worse yet, unsafe! At On-Site Acoustic Testing, we will assess your current sound (both ambient and music) levels, and craft a compelling (but safe) soundscape for your patrons. Essential, as well, is making sure that your front-line staff are safe while performing their daily and nightly duties. As is well known, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) has placed limits on the total noise exposure that employees may absorb during their working day (or night). Violating these regulations is bad for employee’s short and long term health, as well as their job performance! Additionally, it could open up troublesome and expensive worker’s compensation claims. Knowing the limits (and where your establishment falls) BEFORE problems emerge, is the only way to go.

We will measure all front and back of house areas, and calibrate your sound systems for you. We can also help craft a spectral sound balance that lets people enjoy and feel the music, while still making conversation possible.

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