Remote Testing – Noise Testing, Vibration Testing, Air Quality Testing, Acoustical Testing

  • Noise Testing – Environmental noise testing to determine A-weighted, C-weighted, or octave band noise levels
  • Noise Monitoring – Short term (or long term) noise monitoring for factories, building sites, municipalities, concert venues, and other noise sensitive locations
  • Dosimetric Testing – OSHA compliant (time weighted average) personal noise exposure testing for factories and other industrial applications
  • Vibrational Testing – Measurement of building, surface, and area vibration for industrial or environmental evaluation
  • Air Quality Testing – OSHA compliant testing of airborne contaminents and particulate matter
  • Acoustical Testing – Testing for ASTC, NIC, OITC, and room reverberation time (for SCIF, SAPF, and general acoustical compliance requirements)

It is important to note that remote services may require clients to provide live video conferencing during the testing process in addition to required training in advance of performing testing via remote access.

Not all protocols or test methods will be available for remote testing, but every effort will be made to adhere to ASTM and ISO required methodologies.

Please contact one of our consultants at 1-800-665-0080 (or click here to message us) to determine whether remote testing will work for your requirements.