Noise and Sound Mitigation Consulting

While we are well known for providing noise, vibration, air-quality, and other environmental testing, you may not realize that we also provide noise and sound mitigation consulting services. Our experienced technicians (in conjunction with consulting professional engineers and other consultants) can work with your organization to provide relief for many common issues such as:

  • Open floorplan noise in call centers
  • Construction noise testing and mitigation
  • Unwanted sound transmission in medical and dental offices
  • Noise and vibration emanating from Crossfit and other gym and workout facilities
  • HVAC and other building equipment whether on the ground or roof-mounted
  • Unpleasant room acoustics in restaurants, nightclubs, and auditoriums
  • Machine noise in factories, distribution centers, and retail establishments
  • Noise from playgrounds and recreational areas

Contact us today at pr*****@os*****.com (or call us toll-free at 800-665-0080) to find out how we can provide the solutions for your noise and sound issues.