What kinds of things can we measure for you?

We measure all kinds of noise, sound, and vibration levels for clients in all manner of industries, situations, and locations throughout the United States. We regularly consult with clients to solve their problems with:

  • Adjacent apartment noise
  • Air conditioning and heating noise
  • Air handler (and general HVAC) noise
  • Aircraft noise
  • Animal and pet noise
  • Automobile noise
  • Automotive repair shop noise
  • Bearing and other rotating assembly noise
  • Bus, truck, trolley noise
  • Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple and other house of worship noise
  • Club and discotheque noise
  • Concert Hall acoustics
  • Construction noise
  • Condominium and Co-op apartment noise
  • Dance club noise
  • Elevator and elevator equipment noise
  • Exercise and fitness club noise
  • Factory noise and OSHA compliance
  • Footsteps and other noises transmitted through floors, ceilings, and walls
  • Garbage and other utilty truck noises
  • Generator noise
  • Gymnasium noise
  • Hotel and motel noise
  • Laundry room noise
  • Machinery noise
  • Machine assembly noise
  • Medical office and diagnostic center noise
  • Noise declarations for equipment to ISO 4871 standards
  • Noise transmission through walls
  • Noise transmission through floors
  • Noise transmission of specific materials
  • Nightclubs, social clubs, and community center noise
  • Office noise and noise abatement
  • OSHA noise testing
  • Parking garage noise
  • Plumbing and other building infrastructure noise
  • Power Plants
  • Pump and other fluid related noise
  • Recording studio acoustics
  • Recording studio noise transmission
  • Recording studio noise containment walls
  • Restaurant and cafe noise
  • Traffic noise studies
  • Transformer noise
  • Vehicle noise
  • Ventilation equipment noise
  • Vibration from cars
  • Vibration from building equipment
  • Vibration from manufacturing equipment
  • Vibration from motorcycles

No matter where in the United States you are located, one of our consultants will be available to measure sound and/or noise levels at your site and provide you with a detailed analysis of the acoustical environment. On-Site Acoustic Testing specializes in working with commercial, industrial, retail, house-of-worship, and residential clients in solving acoustical and sound/noise level or transmission related problems. We’re committed to providing our clients with effective (and cost-effective) solutions, that result in a minimum of downtime and disruption at their sites. We are often able to offer convenient next-day scheduling, call us toll free at 1-800-665-0080 to speak with a consultant about your

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