FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can you provide ASTM or ISO compliant noise and sound level testing?

A. Absolutely! This is one of our core activities. We will be pleased to develop a personalized quote for your particular project.


Q. Can you provide STC (sound transmission class) and/or IIC (impact insulation class) testing at my location?

A. Yes, we do STC and IIC testing nationwide (sometimes worldwide). We can provide accurate and dependable testing even when electrical power is not readily available on the project site.


Q. Do you really offer nationwide (and worldwide) service?

A. For sure! We have technicians located in several regions of the United States, and when we don’t have someone located directly in your area, we can (and do) travel to where the project is.


Q. Can you offer multi-channel noise and vibration analysis for aerospace, military, and other mission-critical applications?

A. Absolutely, we look forward to discussing your project and developing a testing protocol to meet your needs.


Q. Can you measure the noise that my annoying neighbors make at 3 AM?

A. Sure we can! We can install logging noise level meters that can take continuous readings over a multi-day or week period.


Q. Do you offer any special services for hotels and apartment buildings?

A. Yes, we provide a wide gamut of services ranging from testing services, to noise remediation.


Q. I’m an architect, and I’m concerned that my design might not meet IBC (or other standards). Can you estimate the expected IIC and STC of my floor, ceiling, or wall assembly?

A. We do it all the time and often get results that are within 1 or 2 dB from subsequent field testing. Keep in mind, however, that this kind of simulation assumes that the project is built according to plan…which is why simulation is helpful, but ultimately not a substitute for actual field testing.


Q. I already know that my factory floor has a noise problem in certain areas because the OSHA inspector cited us for a violation. Can you help us set-up a hearing conservation program?

A. Sure! We can advise you on the proper procedure for setting up just such a program. Additionally, we will help you select appropriate hearing protection devices and identify the areas in which they must be worn.


Q. Do you provide hearing tests?

A. At this time, that is not one of the services that we offer.


Q. Can you come to my house and take measurements for a couple of hundred dollars?

A. We can do many things, but sadly that is impossible! We can, however, offer a low-cost phone consultation to guide you in performing some kinds of less intensive testing protocols.


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