Noise, vibration, air, or water quality testing at your facility

Workplace Noise Testing Services

If you’ve built a business, you know that your employee’s health and welfare is a critical part of your business’s overall wellness. The fact is, that workers who are exposed to high levels of noise are susceptible to long-term hearing loss as well as other health related issues. In addition to the physical and emotional toll this can take upon your employee, it can potentially put your business at risk for costly and time-consuming workers compensation actions. The only way to be sure that your employees and partners are safe is to have workplace noise level testing done at your facility.

At On-Site Acoustic Testing we specialize in coming out to your workplace and performing non-invasive work place testing of the equipment and processes in your factory, retail establishment, bar, night club, or office suite. We measure all kinds of noises ranging from heavy industrial equipment to heavy metal bands! We use the very techniques specified by OSHA, MSHA, and other regulatory bodies to make sure that your employees, partners, and patrons are safe. If there are violations, it’s best that YOU are the first person to know about it, rather than an agent from one of the regulatory bodies.

We offer noise surveys, dosimetric testing, noise maps, spectral analysis, and general noise testing of all kinds of workplaces.

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