• AIIC (FIIC) Apparent Impact Insulation Class testing of floors and ceilings (formerly known as Field Impact Insulation Class)
  • ASTC (FSTC) Apparent Sound Transmission Class testing of floors, ceilings, and wall partitions (formerly known as Field Sound Transmission Class)
  • OITC Outdoor Indoor Transmission Class testing of building facade elements
  • Sound level measurement for city/state/federal noise code compliance or suspected violations
  • Sound level measurement interior and exterior spaces
  • Vibration measurement of machinery
  • Noise level measurement for OSHA compliance
  • Noise dosimeter testing for testing individual noise exposure
  • Indoor air quality testing for manufacturing facilities, hotels, restaurants, and residences
  • Measurement of equipment or processes to ASTM, ISO, or ANSI standards
  • Acoustic design for pre-existing buildings and/or new construction in conjunction with architects
  • Noise abatement for commercial and residential spaces
  • Soundproofing for privacy concerns
  • Testing of light intensity and color spectrum
  • Recording studio and performance space design
  • Hearing conservation programs for industrial users for OSHA compliance purposes
  • Expert witness testimony for environmental reviews and general litigation

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