Marine Noise, Vibration, and Air Quality Testing

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide noise and vibration testing aboard marine vessels of all kinds. Whether your concern is sound propagation from engine rooms to passenger cabins, vibration levels aboard oil and gas exploration ships, or indoor air quality testing in engine rooms, machinery areas, and cargo holds, we get the job done! Our experienced field technicians are able to provide testing to ISO, ASTM and IMO specifications aboard your ship, fixed, or movable marine installation. We also offer noise transmission testing (IIC and STC) aboard yachts of all sizes and types. Contact . . . → Read More: Marine Noise, Vibration, and Air Quality Testing

Factory Noise Testing – Noise, Vibration, and Air Quality tests in factories of all types!


Whatever your product, whatever your industry On-Site Acoustic Testing is here to provide testing to make sure that your employees and partners are safe! When it comes to noise, vibration and air quality concerns, there is no room for error or uncertainty. This is why we use high precision instruments to survey noise and air quality conditions in your facility, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions when it comes to industrial hygiene. The effects of high decibel sounds are well documented, with well known effects such as hearing loss and tinnitus among the known . . . → Read More: Factory Noise Testing – Noise, Vibration, and Air Quality tests in factories of all types!

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality is one of those things that people just don’t spend very much time thinking about…at least until their family or employees start getting sick. While there is more awareness in the manufacturing/industrial world, it’s our opinion that there is still a lack of awareness concerning this important issue. That said, the problems are many times magnified when talking about multi-unit dwellings!

On-Site Acoustic testing can provide indoor air quality testing services for the following agents (and to ASTM/ISO/ANSI standards)

Temperature Humidity Carbon Dioxide Carbon Monoxide Mold and other bacteria Particulate Matter and other dust Pharmaceutical agents Organic . . . → Read More: Indoor Air Quality Testing

Just how “on-site” are we?

We regularly work with clients to provide acoustic testing, sound level testing, noise monitoring, employee dosimeter test protocol, STC, IIC, vibration, air quality, and light intensity tests according to ASTM, ISO, and other standards, in the following places:

Alabama: AL Alaska: AK Arizona: AZ Arkansas: AR California: CA Colorado: CO Connecticut: CT Delaware: DE Florida: FL Georgia: GA Hawaii: HI Idaho: ID Illinois: IL Indiana: IN Iowa: IA Kansas: KS Kentucky: KY Louisiana: LA Maine: ME Maryland: MD Massachusetts: MA Michigan: MI Minnesota: MN Mississippi: MS Missouri: MO Montana: MT Nebraska: NE Nevada: NV New Hampshire: NH New Jersey: NJ . . . → Read More: Just how “on-site” are we?

What kinds of things can we measure for you?

We measure all kinds of noise, sound, and vibration levels for clients in all manner of industries, situations, and locations throughout the United States. We regularly consult with clients to solve their problems with:

Adjacent apartment noise Air conditioning and heating noise Air handler (and general HVAC) noise Aircraft noise Animal and pet noise Automobile noise Automotive repair shop noise Bearing and other rotating assembly noise Bus, truck, trolley noise Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple and other house of worship noise Club and discotheque noise Concert Hall acoustics Construction noise Condominium and Co-op apartment noise Dance club noise Elevator and elevator . . . → Read More: What kinds of things can we measure for you?

Nationwide Sound and Noise Level Testing Services

No matter where in the United States you are located, one of our consultants will be available to measure sound and/or noise levels at your site and provide you with a detailed analysis of the acoustical environment. On-Site Acoustic Testing specializes in working with commercial, industrial, retail, house-of-worship, and residential clients in solving acoustical and sound/noise level or transmission related problems. We’re committed to providing our clients with effective (and cost-effective) services and solutions, that result in a minimum of downtime and disruption at their sites. We are often able to offer convenient next-day scheduling, call us toll free at . . . → Read More: Nationwide Sound and Noise Level Testing Services

On-Site Acoustic Testing Services: